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Program Manager: Melody Munro-Wolfe, MSW, ACSW

Program Clinical Supervisor: Roy Ramirez, MS


What Is Senior Reach®?

Support for the wellbeing, independence and dignity of older adults through community education, mental health services, and connection to the community resources.

  • It's a community program that identifies older adults who may need emotional or physical support and/or connection to community services.
  • It's a simple way to help older adults get assistance before a serious crisis develops.
  • It's a strong partnership between agencies, businesses and community minded individuals like you.

How Does Senior Reach® Work?

The Senior Reach Community Partners are trained volunteers who identify older adults who may need help.  Community Partners contact our call center to discuss their concerns and make a referral.  The Senior Reach Specialist will talk to the senior to determine need and willingness for intervention.  If the older adult agrees, Senior Reach will help connect them with appropriate services.

What are Senior Reach® Services?


  • Counseling
  • Care Management Referrals
  • Connection to Community Resources
  • Depression Screening and Treatment
  • Identification and Early Intervention of Prescription Drug Misuse or Abuse

Warning Signs

Watch for the following signs that could indicate that an older adult is in need of help:

  • Mental State: confusion, disorientation, memory loss, repetitiveness
  • Physical: difficulty in seeing, hearing or walking, alcohol or substance use
  • Emotional: recent loss of spouse, appears depressed, anxious or withdrawn, loss of appetite
  • Social: isolated, possible victim of abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • Appearance: unkept, dirty clothes, weight loss
  • Environment: home needs repair, trash or debris in yard, neglected pets
  • Economic: confused about money matters, inability to afford necessities

Are you interested in becoming a Senior Reach® Community Partner?

 Any concerned member of our community who comes in contact with vulnerable older adults may become a Senior Reach Community Partner.  We also have many volunteer opportunities available- Senior Reach Advisory Boar Member; Training Presenter.  Join us in this important effort.  For more information, call 810-245-8781.

About Senior Reach®

For emotional and mental health challenges, call us!  There is a good chance that you - or someone you know- will experience emotional or behavioral challenges at some point.  After all, some form of mental illness affects one out of every five American families each year.  It is an equal opportunity disease that can happen to anyone at any time.  Whether you have anxiety, stress, depression, drug or alcohol addiction, bipolar disorder or any other mental health challenge, it doesn't have to take over your life or your loved one's lives.

Senior Reach is an Evidence-based Program and Practice of SAMHSA.  Grant funding for the program is provided by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund though the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards.

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