Children's Wraparound Services

Childrens Ooutpatient Clinic Services

Wrap-Around Services Program


Tina Close, M.A. LLP

Program Supervisor



Wraparound services for children and adolescents is a highly individualized planning process facilitated by specialized supports coordinators.  Wraparound utilizes a Child and Family Team, with team members determined by the family often representing multiple agencies and informal supports. The Child and Family Team creates a highly individualized Wraparound plan with the child/youth and family that consists of mental health specialty treatment, services and supports covered by the Medicaid mental health state plan, waiver, B3 services, and other community services and supports. The Wraparound plan may also consist of other non-mental health services that are secured from, and funded by, other agencies in the community. The Wraparound plan is the result of a collaborative team planning process that focuses on the unique strengths, values and preferences of the child/youth and family, and is developed in partnership with other community agencies. This planning process tends to work most effectively with children /youth and their families who, due to safety and other risk factors, require services from multiple systems and informal supports. The Community Team, which consists of parents/guardians/legal representatives, agency representatives, and other relevant community members, oversees Wraparound.


LCCMH contracts with the Director of the Lapeer Community Collaborative to chair a "community team" to review cases referred that are involved with multiple community agencies. The Community Team helps coordinate services between multiple agencies to meet the needs of the child and the families referred. The Wrap-Around Facilitator helps to coordinate services, monitor progress, and report back to the Community Team related to any issues or needs. Wrap-Around is more of a philosophy than a program. It is the idea of looking at the holistic needs of the child and the family, addressing their issues as a community case, and coordinating resources to maximize the recovery impact of services provided. All LCCMH staff in the Children's Department receive training related to the Wrap-Around philosophy.