Children's Home-Based Services

Children's Outpatient Clinic Services

Home-Based Services Program

Kate Spencer, MSW

Program Supervisor



The purpose of this program is to provide intensive home and community based services to children, adolescents, and families with multiple service needs who require access to a continuum of mental health services. The program serves children who have a severe emotional disturbance (SED), and their families, who are at risk of out-of-home placement or who are just returning from an out-of-home placement.


The Home-Based Services is a community-based program where services are provided for the family in their home and the community. The services provide support and empower families, emphasize assertive intervention, parent and professional teamwork, and community involvement with other service providers. The services are provided by a team of staff and are documented in the Family Plan of Service. This program is moderately intense and provides two to five hours of service per week to each family. However, during periods of family crisis, additional hours of service will be provided.

Home-Based Services are a combination of individual therapy, family therapy, crisis intervention, case management, care coordination, and family collateral contacts. These contacts may be with the identified person served or with collateral family members. Collateral contacts are used to obtain information as necessary to plan appropriate treatment or to assist family members so they can respond therapeutically to the identified child's problems, needs, and/or behaviors.