Supports Intensity Scale

Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®) 

We are excited to announce the use of the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS ®) statewide as a standardized assessment tool for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS ®) will now be completed with all adult individuals with an intellectual/developmental disability at least once every 3 years.  We understand that each person has unique preferences and needs; this assessment captures those needs, and individuals will benefit each year in treatment.  Assessors come to the person served and talk with the individual and those that know them best to find out what is most important in treatment and the supports needed to be successful in those areas.  The assessment usually takes 1.5 - 2.5 hours and the time invested is worth every minute to those we serve.  To learn more about the SIS, click on any of the links below:

Questions about Supports Intensity Scale

Like many people, you may have questions about the Supports Intensity Scale. For a list of frequently asked questions and answers, click on FAQ. You may direct additional questions about the Supports Intensity Scale to Region 10 PIHP at (810) 966-3399 or email with your questions. 

Supports Intensity Scale Survey

Region 10 Supports Intensity Scale Stakeholder Experience Survey, April 2015