Mission, Vision, Values



                                                     Recovery: hope; choice; health; fulfilling dreams



Lapeer County Community Mental Health embraces an integrated system of care.  Recognizing all people have potential, we promote the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities using evidence-based practices.  Focusing on prevention and early intervention, Lapeer County Community Mental Health supports life-long learning to fulfill dreams and gives hope for the future.



The building blocks to achieve our mission and vision

·        Provide person centered, personalized, strength-based services

·        Treat all people with respect, fairness, dignity and equality

·        Build and encourage resilience

·        Support innovation and creativity as a learning organization

·        Ensure seamless coordination of care

·        Practice fiscal accountability

·        Focus on service excellence

·        Support teamwork and collaboration within the organization, between agencies, and with the communities we serve.