Customer Handbook

Welcome to our Customer Handbook!

To review the Customer Handbook in full: Customer Handbook

To review the Customer Handbook in Spanish: Customer Handbook-Spanish

The Customer Handbook is sent to all people who use CMH services in Lapeer, Sanilac Genesee and St. Clair Counties. It contains important information about a number of topics.

To review the Audio Handbook section by section, click on the audio link to play the chapters below.

 Chapter 1. Welcome:  

 Chapter 2.  Customer Services and Access Center:

  ·     How to contact customer services

·         Customer services

·         Qualifying for services

·         Medical necessity

·         Language assistance

·         Accessibility and accommodations

·         Coordination of care

·         Providing information

·         Appointments

 Chapter 3 Emergencies and After-Hours Access to Services.

Substance use disorder emergencies

·         Mental health emergencies

·         Local hospitals

·         Post-stabilization services

   Chapter 4.  Person Centered Planning:

Mental health: Person-centered planning

Psychiatric advance directives

·         Crisis plan

·         Self-determination

·         Substance use disorder: Individualized treatment plan


   Chapter 5. Recovery and Resiliency:


 Chapter 6. Confidentiality and Family Access to Information:


 Chapter 7. Recipient Rights:

Freedom from retaliation

·         Some of your rights


   Chapter 8. Grievance and Appeals Processes:



·        Appeals


   Chapter 9. Services for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders:


 Chapter 10 Glossary of Terms:

If you live in Lapeer County, Use link to open the Lapeer County CMH Spanish Supplement to the Customer Handbook. 

Lapeer County CMH Audio Handbook Insert

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

If you are receiving or interested in receiving services for a substance use disorder, open link Substance Use Disorder Spanish Supplement to the Customer Handbook.