Stepping Stone Day Program

Andrea Casler, MPH, BA 
Program Supervisor

Stepping Stone is a skill building program for people with developmental disabilities. Skill building assistance consists of activities identified in the participant's individual plan of service that assist them in increasing their self sufficiency and to engage in meaningful activities.

Stepping Stone Program is located at the Maple Grove Off-Campus Site of the Lapeer County Mental Health Center on Imlay City Road. It is available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is comprised of multiple activity rooms, barrier free restrooms, a cafeteria, cooking facilities and equipment to assist individuals with mobility difficulties.


The following are the expected outcomes for the participants of Stepping Stone as defined in their individual plan of service:

a. Community Integration: Participation in community activities in the same manner as a typical community citizen.

b. Independence: Participate in activities that support choice making, and acquiring, retaining or improving self-help skills.

c. Productivity: Engaging in activities that result in or lead to maintenance of or increased self-sufficiency and quality of life.

d. The individual has an increased ability to function adaptively in interpersonal and social relationships, within a safe and health environment.

e. The individual has decreased symptomatology of severe disorder/illness.

f. Fitness through the Life Integrating Growth and Health Training (LIGHT).

Stepping Stone staff assures that daily activities will be provided to meet the outcomes of the participants as written in their individual plans of service.


If an individual meets the eligibility criteria listed below the supports coordinator will make a referral to the Stepping Stone Supervisor. An individual will not be denied admission to Stepping Stone if the person-centered team determines placement is appropriate.


1. The individual must have an open case with Lapeer County Mental Health Center.

2. The individual must have a developmental disability as defined in the Thumb Alliance: Practice Guidelines for Developmental Disabilities.

3. The service must be determined to meet Medical Necessity Criteria as defined in the Region 10 Guiding Principles.

4. The service has been identified in the person centered plan of service.

5. Stepping Stone must be the least restrictive environment (most integrated skill building activity that meets the individual's needs and desires), unless previous similar least restrictive arrangements have been demonstrated to be unsuccessful.

6. The individual has expressed need related to the acquisition, retention, or improvement in self - help, socialization, and adaptive skills and they are experiencing emotional, behavioral or adaptive deficits that prevent them from maximized integration into the community.

7. The individual is not currently eligible for services provided by the Intermediate School District that the individual resides in or by Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS).


Transition and discharge planning is done during the person centered planning process and is a part of the individual's plan of service. The following criteria for an individual to be discharged from Stepping Stone:

1. The individual is no longer an open case with Lapeer County Community Mental Health Center.

2. The individual elects to retire or demonstrates an unwillingness to participate in skill building activities.

3. There is significant clinical evidence that the individual has ceased to increase their functional independence and skill building service would have no expectation of maintaining those functional skills.


Staffing includes a Clinical Supervisor and many Direct Services Paraprofessional Staff.

Staff Supervision: Stepping Stone Paraprofessionals are provided supervision by a licensed health professional whose profession is relevant to the services provided. The Clinical Supervisor reports to the Chief Executive Officer.