Lapeer County CMH Management Team

The Management Team of Lapeer County CMH at 1570 Suncrest Drive, Lapeer, Michigan. Call (810) 667-0500.




Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Emmons, ACSW

Chief Operating Officer / Children's Director

Adult Clinical Director

Tina Close, MA, LLP

Brooke Sankiewicz, LMSW, CADC

Chief Financial Officer

Larry Smith, CMA INC.

Medical Director

Dr. Sarah Steinacker, DO

Human Resource Manager Amy Morrison, BS
Quality Improvement Supervisor/Corporate Compliance Michelle Gould-Rice, LMSW

Administrative Support Services Manager

Mandi Brace

Children’s Services Supervisor

Kate Spencer, LMSW

Outpatient/Triage Services Supervisor

Taylor Volpe, LMSW

Adult Case Management Services Supervisor

Roy Ramirez, MS, LLP

Sarah Reynolds, LMSW

ACTP Supervisor

Laura Moore, LMSW, CADC

Stepping Stone Supervisor

Andrea Casler, MPH, BA

IT, Billing and Data Management Supervisor

Sandy Koyl, BHSA

Autism Services Supervisor

Rachel Currie, MA, BCBA, LBA

Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment & Co-Occurring Disorder Services Supervisor

Stephanie Rudow, MSW

Psychosocial Rehabilitation / Clubhouse Supervisor

Brian Schmitt, BSW