Integrated Employment Coordination

Kevin Mountz, BA

Program Supervisor



Integrated Employment Coordination (IEC) provides and coordinates a variety of services directed at supporting an individual’s interest in competitive, integrated employment (CIE).  In support of LCCMH’s mission to provide support and care for complete wellness, IEC promotes employment as a critical social determinant of health.  Employment, and activities that help individuals prepare for employment, provide many benefits to one’s mental health and well-being.



IEC directly provides the Medicaid funded services of supported employment planning assistance; Benefits to Work Coaching, which assists individuals with understanding and managing their Social Security Administration and/or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services benefits while exploring or actively working; and the Evidence-Based Practice of Individual Placement and Support (IPS), which provides support for activities that assist individuals with a serious mental illness diagnosis with exploring, obtaining and retaining competitive, integrated employment.


IEC provides support of contractual, Medicaid funded skill-building and supported employment services available through Lapeer Team Work (LTW).  The skill-building service provides paid, work preparatory activities to assist individuals of any diagnosis with acquiring skills to succeed in competitive, integrated employment settings.  LTW also provides supported employment to individuals with an intellectual and developmental disability diagnosis, with the objective of exploring, obtaining and retaining CIE. 


IEC provides support of LCCMH’s cash-match agreement with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), which maximizes support for vocational rehabilitation efforts for Lapeer County residents.  This agreement allows for increased efficiency when an individual receives services from both providers.  IEC and MRS provide braided services for individuals, or IEC staff assist LCCMH staff, MRS staff and individuals served with integrating mental health treatment with vocational rehabilitation services.


Eligibility and Referral:

IEC services are available to any individual that has an open LCCMH case and receives Medicaid insurance.  Specific diagnoses are supported by specific programs operated or supported by IEC.  Employment planning assistance is designed to identify the medically appropriate service based on each individual’s personal goals. IPS services are zero-exclusion; any Medicaid insured individual with a serious mental illness diagnosis is eligible for program entry.  Referrals are authorized by LCCMH case holders.