Creative Arts


Lapeer County Community Mental Health (LCCMH) recognizes that creativity is an important pathway to healing the heart, mind, and soul. The classes help people learn to channel their creativity in positive directions. Creative arts are an outlet people can use to replace negative behaviors such as self-harm, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.


LCCMH sponsors art, creative writing, drama, and music classes for the adults we serve. We use the Medicaid program, grants, and other funds to sponsor staff and materials for these classes. Students can join by asking their case manager or therapist to include one or more of the classes in their plan of service.

Classes usually take place weekly at the specific dates and times listed below. Please call us at 810 667-0500 for details about each class's specific activities.


Introduce people to the arts or enhance the skills of people who are experienced in the creative arts.

Help people deal with stress in creative ways, deal with life events more effectively, and heal faster from relapse using the arts.

Members improve their lives through:

  • Music appreciation classes and studying musicians with mental illness
  • Writing short stories, poems, and other forms of writing
  • Art classes using paint, charcoal, oil pastels, clay, and other art media
  • Drama class teaches self-esteem building performance skills

Creative art program members may, if they wish, join the following:

  • Create an annual art and writing calendar
  • Help the CMH Players Theater group on stage and behind the scenes
  • Sing as members of The Joyful Noise Singers

Introduction to Creative Arts and Mental Health



Marianne and Friends

On behalf of Lapeer County Community Mental Health (CMH) and the Lapeer Family Literacy Center, I am pleased to present "Marianne and Friends: Freedom to Write". This book of poetry, prose, and illustrations is the combined work of student authors, many who have never shared with the public their writings or art. For some, it’s the first poem or short story that they have ever written.

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