Children's Autism Services

Travis Herr, M.S., BCBA, LBA
Autism Clinical Supervisor

Program Information:

Serves children who have autism and have been approved for the Medicaid AutismBenefit.

Provides supports coordination with children and families to coordinate, link, and monitor services within both CMH and the community. This could include doctors, schools, early childhood programs, and other agencies that are involved in with the family. 


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapists apply the principles of behavior analysis to treat patients who have difficulties with socially significant behaviors. These may include social skills, reading, communication, personal self-care and work skills. ABA therapy is an effective treatment for children with autism because ABA therapists are often able to help autistic children increase positive behaviors and reduce interfering behaviors through the use of reinforcement procedures.

ABA therapists work one-on-one with patients. Therapy often takes place in the patient's home and in some cases, the child's school. ABA therapists utilize highly structured treatment programs that are geared toward the specific patient's needs. Therapists do not create these plans themselves, but instead use programs that are devised by behavioral consultants.

ABA therapists use the principles of behavior analysis to help patients improve social, play, language and academic skills, while helping reduce interfering behaviors, which may include aggressive behavior like biting or pinching. They reinforce positive behaviors and intervene when patients exhibit undesirable behaviors. ABA therapists continually evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment program, and make any necessary changes to help patients learn new skills and behaviors more effectively.

This service is monitored by MDHHS and determination of eligibility is decided by MDHHS as well. 

Family training provided to assist with implementation of the ABA services in both the home and community.