Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Brian Schmitt, LBSW, QMHP, QIDP
Program Supervisor

Harmony Hall is a recovery based program dedicated to supporting people with serious mental illness so they may experience independent living, social opportunities/community integration, and effective life management to the best of their abilities.


The purpose of the program is to offer members skill building opportunities that are rehabilitative in nature. Through the work-ordered structured day, members participate in activities promoting greater independence and increasing feelings of self-worth.


The goal of the program is to promote recovery through hope, education, and empowering members to make choices toward improved quality of life.


Harmony Hall is a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) accepting referrals from staff at Lapeer County Community Mental Health working with people who are interested and may benefit from joining the clubhouse, and meet the following requirements:

  • Residents of Lapeer County
  • Adults (18 and over)
  • Diagnosis of serious mental illness
  • The desire to participate in the various aspects of the program

Harmony Hall members and staff work together in the unit activities of the work-ordered day: Food Services Unit, Clerical Unit, and Maintenance Unit.

Members interested in sustaining or obtaining employment have the opportunity to attend the Supported Employment Program meetings and receive the services offered through the program.

Members who may require assistance living on their own, or who are interested in transitioning to living independently may attend the Independent Living Groups.

Peer Support Specialists and professional staff work together with program members to facilitate groups and unit activities.

Membership meetings provide ongoing opportunities for the members to discuss program issues, suggestions, concerns, and ideas for a successful program.

Community outings and activities are offered on a regular basis.


Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

After hour activities offered weekly

Weekend and holiday activities offered


 Harmony Hall