Required Trainings

Recipient Rights is offered 2 times a month on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Thursday.

All trainings will be at Lapeer County Community Mental Health 1570 Suncrest Drive, Pre-Registration is MANDATORY. PLEASE NOTE: Staff arriving 10 minutes late will be directed to the next month’s class.

Recipient Rights and Introduction to Residential Services: The 1st Wednesday of every month from 1:00 – 4:00 and the 3rd Thursday from 9:00 – 12:00 Register for Recipient Rights

De-Escalation: Training is on the 3rd Tuesday from 9:00 – 5:00 Register for De-Escalation Training


PLEASE NOTE: It doesn’t often fall on the 3rd week of the month but we work toward that day. Always check the Training Calendar Schedule below to verify.

QBS Training Schedule 2022

Recipient Rights Training Schedule 2022

Training Calendar/Schedule 2021

Below are the Required Initial and Annual Trainings:


Recipient Rights New Hire
(This should only be used if a staff cannot get into a class within 30 days)

Recipient Rights New Hire-QUIZ

Recipient Rights Refresher

Recipient Rights Refresher-QUIZ

Blood Borne Pathogens

Blood Borne Pathogens-QUIZ

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance-QUIZ

Cultural Diversity and Competency

Cultural Diversity and Competency-QUIZ

Grievance, Appeals, Second Opinion

Grievance, Appeals, Second Opinion-QUIZ

Limited English and Proficiency

Limited English and Proficiency-QUIZ

Medication Refresher

Medication Refresher-QUIZ

Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning-QUIZ

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care-QUIZ

Self Determination and Choice Voucher

Self Determination and Choice Voucher-QUIZ


Any questions call Lisa Jolly @ 667-0500