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Employment & Education

"Employment is nature's physician and is essential to human happiness." - Galen


It is our mission to assist our members in their journey to independence, we put a great deal of effort into providing clubhouse members with the tools to pursue, obtain, and sustain employment.  Through clubhouse employment groups, mock interviews, and vocational skill building exercises, we strive to offer each of our members the resources they need to achieve their vocational goals. 

The clubhouse employment model is designed to effectively transition members from the work-ordered day to competitive community employment.  Harmony Hall offers Transitional Employment, Supported Employment and Independent Employment Programs to aid members in their transition to meaningful and gainful employment. 

Transitional Employment

The core to the clubhouse is its Transitional Employment Placement Program (TEP).  This program offers Clubhouse members a supportive means to re-enter the competitive workforce. TEPs are time limited,  part-time, positions that are managed through the Clubhouse.  An employer partnering  with Harmony Hall in their TEP can expect quality employees, a dramatic decrease in training costs as well as a 100% shift coverage guarantee.  Clubhouse staff carefully selects an appropriate member for the position, trains them, and then adds to productivity as the member becomes comfortable in their new placement.  If you are interested in adding your business to the roster of Harmony Hall partnerships, please follow the link below for more information.  

Prospective Employers 

Independent Employment

Members who are confident in their vocational ability are recommended to independently apply for employment in the community.  The Clubhouse does not maintain a relationship with the employer; however Clubhouse members receive assistance on an as needed basis.  Members who are independently employed are encouraged to attend program when they are not working.  

Clubhouse Supported Employment

Supported Employment includes a range of vocational assistance services  including, but not limited to: transportation, resume building, job coaching, additional training services, and benefits planning.  The Clubhouse maintains a working relationship with the employer allowing for periodic performance evaluations, extra training supports, and communication assistance.  This employment model is designed to ensure that members successfully maintain their employment and that the employers are satisfied with their performance.  


The Clubhouse is dedicated to assisting its membership in becoming work-ready.  In order to do so, Harmony Hall supports all efforts made toward furthering education.  Harmony Hall maintains a close relationship with the local community college, Thumb Works, and the Literacy Center to coordinate tutoring, certificate programs, and financial aid.  In-house tutoring is offered for members working toward educational goals.


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